my one side of nose is block over 2 years … I had been to homeopathic and cured 50% of blockage nose and I left to go there because medicines are very expensive … now I want to cure my sinus because I want to be a singer and my voice is changed … so help me to cure it … , My child is 10 years old & for the last few days he is suffering from nasal blockage especially at night during bed time. Gets cold sneezing like a volcano .non stop.nose blocked .some round structure in both nostrils as if sealed with wax. She has suffered from pneumonia at the age of 1.5 yrs. You are requested please advise me the medicine for this. A few persons experience nasal discharges, while in others, the nasal cavity remains dry. Sir,My age is 21 years. My nose is completely blocked on the side I am sleeping along with facial pressure on the blocked side. Lean& thin, blocked nose ( max. I have tried many Homeopathic medicines in past but nothing works permanently though, I went to Ent specialist he said I have deviated septum and wants me to get a surgery done. The enlargement of nasal bones (exostosis is bone enlargement) is a rare cause of nose blockage, but it can be corrected with natural remedies Phosphorus, Merc Sol and Aurum Met. I am suffrring breathtaking problems for 5 years. I have irritated from it. The air flow remains normal with no constriction of nasal valve. breath by open mouth. Hello Dr. Sharma, I am Neil John (of India Origin). Have you found anything that works. My father is a cancer patent he is in very serious condition after the surgery his left nose is permanently blocked but now his right nose is also blocked .we give sabucus nigra ,nux,formica rusc in homeopathy but his nose is not open. My father is 85+ and as summer comes he gets too much dryness in nose throat and respiratory tract. my nose is getting blocked particularly the left nostril and that too during nights at 12 or 1’o discharges from nose.left nostril blockade is too such unable to sleep during help me with yor kind advices of suitable medicine. After nasal drops or its own yellow thick discharge comes out. Give her Nat mur30 , 3 drops 2 times a day. Sneezing. I made Lemna Minor 1 M and do this 3-4 times a day, however, I do not see any releave of my sympthoms. Pl suggest remedy. Thanks, AB. Now please suggest me for further . nasal drops give temporary relief from blockage. Let me know the treatment process with ur address. I suffer from frequent nose blockage which continues for weeks and finally i have to take allopathic treatment i.e antibioics. Deàr Dr My wife has been suffering from Nasal vestibular. There is utmost difficulty in breathing due to blockage and it forces the person to sit up. 5 2018) Its been 3 days now he has a real bad dry cough and. So what we do for cure? I am 73 now, and came to USA/Canada when I was 26. is any homeopathic medicine can relief this problem. Irrespective of day or night. Pl. Tickling in nostrils and sneezing accompany the above symptoms. Nose remains blocked throughout the day. My son 13 year old ,his nose blocking breath due to small nose hole one side where we are breathing from .this is alopathic doctor say that. And I get hives on the legs .now slowly hands also and waist. dear sir, i am 61 yr my nasal blocked last ten yrs appx.but now a days nasal blocked at night which is most uncomfortable to me after endiography report :S shaped deviated nasal septum Right concha bullosa seen B / I muciod discharge seen? Nux Vomica is very beneficial in providing comfort to the patients with an extremely stuffy nose in night hours. And i think with blocked nose i am suffering from sore throat too. (Heaviness) Plz Suggest me the best way to treat and minimize the symptoms related to this blockage.I will be very thankful to you.Waiting for ur fruitful reply yours sincerely Irfan Gulzar, Hello, I appreciate a Lot your writings on homeopathy, i have a problem boring me from long time, i am agoraphobic , i start to think i will have a panic attack when i am far from home and then become ansious all the time While travelling and prefare not to travel, which remedy is Best for this condition? Thanks to you sir. I am very disturbed Kindly help me in giving proper diagnosis I shall be obliged, I have been suffering loose motions and undigested food in stool, yellow tounge, white discharge in penis and mild rectal itching, excessive belching, oily stools,bad smelling stool Feeling full just after 1-2 chapaati Feel like food is sitting in stomach. hayfever ? Any suggestions?/B. As if to add insult to injury we get really frustrated and annoyed when we are cursed with a runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, ... We have complied 7 Homeopathic Remedies which can help keep you well all year long (no trip to the doc needed). Hello doctor , My son is 5 and has got enlarged adenoids..he suffers from blocked nose throughout..with watery discharge..he also keeps sneezing..his skin is dry..he breathes through mouth…even in summer the problem persists..please help. To make a warm compress, first soak a towel in warm water. Over a yr. ago, I started getting nose blockage, no drip or watery eyes, no sore throats, or swollen glands, but day & night it’s hard to breathe through nose, & so dry hard lumps forms & then I blow & it bleeds . Dear Doctor, I have been suffering from cough for the last 7 months and taking Homeo medicines with local doctor with no respite.Iam having slight left forehead headache and I have to deliberately cough very frequently.I have sinusitis and nasal septum deviation.The cough increases by evening.The x-ray reports say no lungs problem.Can I have any respite? I suffer from night time nasal congestion and dry mouth when i sleep. my son is 2 and a half, he had been on anti- biotic for long as his nose is always blocked day n night, he breates ver heavily. Due to it I feel my left side ear is also blocked and difficult to hear. My two year old grandchild has been having symptoms of cold or allergy about every four weeks since last June. Already 4 times this year I have woke up in terrifying panic unable to breath freely, I am incredibly clauosterphobic as well so waking up with my nasal airways being blocked by thick mucus making it impossible to breath and it sends me into full blown panic attakcs. Hello Dr Sharma, My question is related to Vertigo. My son has grossly DNS and frequently catches cold due to nose infection and has throat infection too what to do please suggest? Nasal congestion can lead to a host of problems and cause discomfort. I have a problem to breath as my right nostal is oftenly blocked. Please sir I will be happy if you can help me with this, mostly at night when sleeping I always have blocked nose and when my nose get blocked to some extent water drops slowly out of my nose which at that moment I breath through my mouth and wake me up all night. Thanks Saraswathi nataraj, sir you have not specified the potency for blocked nose due to common cold. I got surgery done on my nose for Septoplasty and Sinusitis but in vain. Seems to get better during he day but can be stuffy even during daytime. I’ve recently been told that it’s related to my immune system being compromised. Totally dry on both the side. Hi dr my age is 29yrs iam suffering nose blockage Dry nose on right side difficulty breathing l have already started treatment in homeopathy quebracho,lobelia and berbvws. Pulsatilla Negricans. 2nd problem left need joint & uncle joint during get up from bed at morning.after some walking get easy also same problem after long sittingon chair. Dear Doctor Sharma, my daughter has been suffering from a nasal problem, going on 5 years. When i lay down, after some time the breathing becomes totally normal, no congestion felt. Namaste Dr. Sharma I am P H Reddy, 71yrs, Male. i am using homeo from last one year from honarry homeo practioner . Is it possible for permanent solution. I am 73+ years of age. Respected Dr, I m suffering 15to18 years from nasal allergy is worse day by PNS Xray report is here. My son is 4 months today ( january. Some may view these methods as antiquated, they have been proven to work time and again. Kindly advise Nux-30 or Nux-200 for Running Nose Please Regards. Doctor sir, I am 58 years and have both allergy and nasal blockage. I have had 3 surgeries with no improvements. Watering from eyes and sneezing also accompany the blocked nose. He is 10 years old, sir i got exostosis of nasal bones, and i am suffering with it since very long and its getting worse by time. the middle bone is very much curved , now its curved somuch that its blocking both nostrils at times(while sleeping)some times i wake up as i unable to breath, every morning i keep sneezing for very long time, its very very tough time i am going through. Lac Caninum is an effective remedy for a blocked sensation that alternates sides. Lightly in day time. my age is almost 40 year i can not sleep right side due to nose blockage with enlargement of nasal bone and i feel difficulty in breathing and often i suffer from throat problem and sputem enter my trachea plz give me some sutable hoemeopathic medicins. I had surgery to remove polyps many years ago, and the latest scan doesnt show any growths obstructing breathing yet I always feel there is something in my left nostril. i also get hacking cough while walking and on mild excersice. I chk up my baby to ENT but i don’t get full relax for his diagnose. My 13month old has nasal blockage in his left nostril it’s been going on for the past 4 maybe 5 days , it’s hard yellowish like crust blocking his nd nasal , he has a hard time breathing, when I remove the crust it bleeds and looks really red and irritated the skin on the outter part of his nostril is sensitive, after cleaning the crust I put neosporin on it to help it heal but as the day progresses the crust reappears and we have to start the painful process all over again, please help. I also suffer the most during seasonal changes. Right nostril more blocked than left. Thanks, hi doctor, my 9 year old son has DNS with almost left side nostril blocked. I cannot breath freely . My son having acute sinusitis nasal blockage and headache .so what can i do for cure ? Main problem lies here. Pls suggest me the medicine so that sleep by left side. Dr. given me some drops to take orally. I am 59 years old male vegetarian married. Pls.tell me right h.medicine.My : I want to know what complications occur if he continue breathing by mouth and secondly is there any remedy to overcome these complications till 17th yr in homeo. Hi Dr Sharma, Hope u’r fine. sir, I have faced a serious problem that my cold didn’t happened since long years for which i m facing major headaches . Pl suggest the medicine. and how can I get relief? Sir I suffer percial nose blockeges with sneezing. He can not sleep well senors and restless. It gives excellent results in cases of a blocked nose due to nasal polyps. I am allergic to raw besan flor, and my ayurvedic doctor said I have a pitta dominated system. 9446581515, Sir , I am 53 years old. Sir, I can’t breath through my lest nose. Left side of nostril block and difficulty in breathing. Doctor Suggested to operation because DNS (c- shape) problem. Thanks. I feel drained out by the end of the day because of sneezing and this nasal drip. if i use otrivin it will clear from some time just to come back. with hv borax30 for mouth aptha, thuja oxy200. if I running or body warm up then both nasal keep open completely then rest time both open alternately. Please advice what is the remedy for the sinus problem that I have. Bilateral turbinate hypertrophy is noted. I live in The Philippines (am a dutch national), and it appears am suffering from nasal congestion recently. Lemna Minor is also the most effective remedy for the polyp that worsens in wet weather. I live in Australia and due to pollen allergy/hay fever, there is a swelling in my nose lining as per my GP. I am 75 years old, fit. I suffer from atopic nasal problem is also due to some allergy.Aspergillus allergy was detected in blood test. It’s cause difficulty for me to breath and in winter and night time i feels that i can’t breath some time. on whether changing this problem happened to me but never in hot weather . Dr. My 6 year old son has a blocked nose problem during the October heat in Mumbai. Has already tried with three homeo doctors but no effect with any of their medicines. nowadays i am facing stuffy nose problem along with sneezing and mucous discharge especially at morning..kindly recommend me medicine. May God Bless You, Doctor sharma mujhe 3 saal se nazla zukam ha or nose bhi bund rehta ha or saans lene ma b mushkil peda hoti ha nose ki 1 side bund hoti ha to 2sri open ho jati ha or jab 2sri bund hoti ha tab pehle wali side bund ho jati ha or jo side bund hoti ha usi side pe head ma,face ma,eyes ma or teeth ma pain hota ha.please Dr.Sharma muje is bemari ka ilaaj btaen, when rain and winter season start facing cold and nose two holes are blocked sir pls give me any suggetion, Respected Dr., My age is over 81 male. Dear Dr, My daughter 25 years always complains that if she gets exposed to dust she gets nose block and pain on pressing on forehead under eyestrain both sides of nose etc. He is suffering frm hemophilia too… So due to severe congeation bleeding persist so what r the urgent remedies to overxome these, I have nasal congestion nose starts dripping with sneezing 6 to 10 at a time at night nose gets blocked using nasal drops to remove blockage, Sir, I am 74 sinus i havig fever and running nose. In my childdays, my one of the ear was puntured but repaired. Could you please tell me what is DNS 30? I am having breathing problem due to the bone increase right side,I was operated in 2008 and now again the bone increases after 8 years,please tell me the accurate homeopathy medicine for this increased bone,tell me how this bone will decrease. Other symptoms may include coryza, pain in … Running nose starts from the month of September lasts till Feb. My name is Rana Ahmed and I’m from Pakistan, There is extra glands in my nose due to which i can’t even smell the perfume and many time i don’t feel rotten smells too. Dr. My right side nose gets blocked when I sit or sleep. still I have terrible cough, breathing problem and blocked nose. I have dns towards right with bony fur and left side sinusitis with concha ballusa as in cctscan can it be cured by homeopathy, Dear Dr. Sharma I got prostate removal surgery 14 months back and have been regularly doing Kegel exercised as advised by the surgeon, but even now there is urine dripping and I have to wear diapers all the time. Please suggest a remedy. His father suffers from moderate hayfever. ENT has explained that I have bilateral concha bullosa and hyperthrofic inferior turbinates. The symptoms that are taken note of are the side of nose blockage, the time at which the blockage is at its peak, peculiar worsening and relieving factors, any alteration of blockage with nasal discharges, the character of nasal discharge and sneezing. Blowing nose constantly. Plz suggest me remedy. nose blockage due to polyp is accompanied by a yellowish thick discharge from the nose; the nose is blocked along with watery nasal discharges; There is also discharge from nose and eyes. Lemna Minor is the top natural medicine for treating nose blockage due to the polyp. Constant sneezing may also appear. I have blocked nose mostly at night and recently only in my right nose and sharp pain on my right side( lungs). My Fri. Is24year old she suffering for DNS problem I left nostril some Dr. Adviced that treatment are only septoplasty. Also when the eosinophil is high – running or fast walking gives me little hard breathing. My nose get blocked left or right depending which Sudevi am sleeping. Thank you. Allergy testing negative. Salt water Gargle. Same with me. at age 28 years ,I went one of Homeopathic Doctor, He gave one medicine, the medicine was working up to now . Even we can feel the heavy snoring sound perhaps due to difficulty in breathing, even he prefer to take air through mouth. After some days again it raised. when ever i have khasi the sputum blocked my throat and i have difficult in brething. In 2014 July I moved to London and I felt very difficult to even breathe during most of the time. Please advice. Please suggest me best medicine to get out this worse situation.I will definitely visit to you also. i started use, Lemna minor 200ch, calcera carb 200ch , tecurum merum 200ch in 3time a day 5drops each time. There may be a temporary loss of the sense of smell. thank you very much. The ENT mentioned I may have sleep apnea. Hi how r u I have blocked nose most of the time I am using otrivin and makes me breathe normal for not long can u please give me advise on how to heal my nose by using natural methods I am afraid of the medecin thank you so much. INSTRUCT WHAT HOMEO MADICINE I HAVE TO TAKE. The blockage leads to suffocation and mouth breathing and the infant faces the worst situation while taking the mother’s feed. did noy yeald any I am 70 yrs. It’s bothersome because I don’t have discharge while blowing & headaches around eyes & nose. NOSE BLOCK LEFT SIDE SO NOT PROPELLY BRITHING FROM NOSE . Dear Sir, My right nose is in blocked condition for more than 5 years. Problem is more both nose gets blocked in night during sleep.earlier sings aria nitricum 30 was helpful but it is not fruitful. These medicines for the treatment of nasal blockage are of natural origin and can be safely used by people of all age groups. In some people, this can be a chronic condition that develops as a result of a long-standing underlying nasal complaint. Sir, please suggest me to do something about it. Her nose is completely blocked. The nose can be partially or completely blocked and it can be blocked in one side or both the sides. Pl. Inside the tubular thing is swollen, resulting in difficulty in breathing. Sir, good evening. I consulted ENT physician. But I’m suffering from running nose, sneezing withnose blockage.. It has happened for more than a year now. Please suggest me, Having nose blocked on left nasal cavity badly. Dear doctor . I am in my first year. I have this problem from 2 years. However a nasal spray Fluticasone was prescribed which gave me some comfort. Hello Dr. Sharma my daughter age 15 yrs suffering from nose block her nose bone grow and acc to ct scan her both side fill eith infection. Copious watery nasal discharge, an itching, and tickling in the nostrils, a frontal headache and oversensitivity to odors may be present along with other symptoms. 1- Can’t breath via nose. Dr. Sharma, I wonder if you can help me to solve my constant headache, “prickly” or burning skin (mostly on the shoulders and arms, but sometimes all the way to my feet! I also have asthma and get very panicky and uncomfortable when I can’t breathe from my nose. I have to change my sleeping posture fro right to left and left to right fpr opening the nostrils. Due to this problem I get very less sleep. SIR, I GET NOSE BLOCKED WHILE SLEEPING IN NIGHT. I started having sinus infections. With the right constitutional remedies, chronic cases of a congested nose can be treated for long-term relief. i have allergy (sneezing and block nose),i thought because of the cold weather . HELLO SIR, I AM SAURAV FROM PUNJAB. Pls suggest remedy fr nose block n wheezing especially in night.i using forecourt 209 and xylomist nasal drops.i am 62 Male. With regards, i am bikramjeet singh from mumbai. Phalgam from brain to direct through nasals comes in mouth offently irritates since from last 8 years. thank you. .one have to take it when the other is weak thats how it works daily and it gives me headache and mostly at night. Sometimes i think about suicide because i can’t stay focus on my study due to this nasal congestion. I am also wheezing during deep breath. Good morning Dr.Sharma, I have been suffering from blocked nose all days long and feel clear time to time alternately and take breathing by mouth. pls help. i have difficulty in breathing plus i also have DNS i dont know what causes difficulyt in breathing Can you te ll me whether Homepathy help to cure my problem? The other useful remedies are Calcarea Carb, Sanguinaria Nitricum and Teucrium. Now for one year approx I have to use otrivin more frequently. Thank you. The las four months accompanied by mild fever and horse throat from the second day. There is also a thick nasal discharge yellow in colour and sometimes with blood. Good eveng doctor ji, I am ajay anand Age- 28 problem is related to nose from 3 years. I also took Teucrium & thuja drops for a month, thinking that i have developed polyps.I got some relief earlier but now its the same problem. Yesterday i was beginning to get a sinus headache so i decided to try a nasal decongestant I bought otrivin and sprayed 2 times in each nostril. There is no watery discharge from the nose but only the solid discharge comes out on cleaning the nose. i am in need of permanent solution…..thanking u in anticipation. He was in a good spirit for most of the time, sometime demanding and then bursting into tears. Respected sir My son 11 years he is suffering from nosil polyp Doctor recommend to operate in his x-ray there is too much his breathing pipe is blocked he takes breath through his mouth plz suggest me medicine, Respected dr.i àm suffering from nose chokeup very heavily i use 3 times a day otrivin nasal drops.n not getting smell .there is no discharge of mucus.dry nose chokeup is there only.i am also getting wake up from sleep due to exhation .pl suggest homeopathic treatment. The ENT surgeon suggested DNS but I want to avoid it. i’m suffering from nasal polyps raise from cold allergies or sinusitis.
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